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3 years ago

Is TestComplete integration with Azure DevOps possible when using BDD?

I've linked a BDD TestComplete project with an Azure DevOps project, I want to link the scenarios to test cases within DevOps but clicking on the "Link to external case" section of a test in the execution plan does nothing and I am unable to edit it.


When I try this with a non-scenario item, it works fine. Does TestComplete just not support linking scenarios with DevOps, has anyone got this to work or is this a misuse?


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  • TestComplete can only link to Test Case objects in the Azure Test Plan - are these BDD objects defined as Test Cases or a scenario object? 

    Are you using a plugin to create these test scenarios in the Azure test plan?

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       mikef Ah, these are Scenario objects, my plan was to create an empty test case for each scenario and link them, we just want to be able to track the test results,


      Is there a way to convert scenarios to test cases or to manage to connect a scenario to a azure test complete?