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12 years ago

Is selective namemapping possible

Hi there,

I'm using TC to record keyword test. Afterwards I change them to make the tests more robust.

When recording I don't use automatic namemapping because that will generate to much namemappig data. Also we have windows with the same name, but different dynamic data.

What I want to do, is to use namemapping only for certain java classes (our application is a java client application; non web).

Is this possible?

Now I have to record, create the namemapping for the different windows and change the keywordtests afterwards.

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    Hi Erik,


    The Name Mapping feature cannot be used only for certain classes. As your windows have the same name, I suppose, TestComplete cannot recognize them properly, right? In this case, you need to try the Name Mapping Templates. By using them, you will be able to configure the product to map the object with the specified class via unique properties (whose values aren't changed).