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5 years ago

Is an opened Excel-Reference by TestComplete somehow hidden for other applications?

We have the following situation:

we start TestExecute 14 and get per OLEObject a reference to Excel.Application. We open a Workbook. An Excel-instance is opened with this Workbook. Another (Delphi) application opens and writes another Workbook. Both Workbooks appear in the same instance under Windows 7/Office 2010, so TestExecute can search the new Workbook in the only existing instance and work with it. So far so good.


Now we are using Windows 10/Office 2016: the Delphi-application opens another Excel instance instead of using the same instance of TestExecute!?! Is the TestExecute-Excel-Instance somehow hidden for other applications? We already set the registry entry 'disablemergeinstance' to 0, but this does not make any difference.


How can we search a Workbook in several instances? Or better, how can we make the TestExecute-Excel-Instance 'public'?



P. Vinders

SOPTIM AG, Germany

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