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5 years ago

Is a testComplete chronium integration planned for next versions ?

Hi everyone,


We develop automated tests in TestComplete for a Web application. We are using TestComplete 14.30.

Our scripts take the browser name as input parameter (we pass this parameter to the Sys.Browser() object), then we configure 4 test items, one per browser in Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, and we run our test on 4 web browsers with exactly the same script !


Now we have a problem since Microsoft released his new Edge based on Chromium. of course, we read these documentations About Support for Chromium Embedded FrameworkPreparing CEF-Based Applications for TestingAccessToChromiumContent Property (the example given in that 3rd link does not work for us), but it suggests to use TestedApps instead of Sys.Browser() object, which is completely a different approach, and so we have to develop some specific code specificaly for Edge.


Since a Smartbear TestComplete integration pluggin is available on Chrome, and allows us to interact with a Web application in the Chrome browser with Sys.Browser() object, such a plugin is planned to be developped ? Or another integration way ?


We need to know if we have to develop that specific code, or if we have just to wait and disable our test items running on Edge just a moment, waiting for that integration.


Thanks for reading, regards,



  • Hi everyone,


    So I have just got an answer from the support team, and this answer is : Edge based on Chromium won't be supported in TestComplete 14.40. Probably, it'll be supported in the next version of the tool, but there are no exact plans or ETA.


    Thanks eeryone to have followed and replied to my topic !





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