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3 years ago

iOS device not visible in available devices (Show mobile screen)



I have the following issue - I have deployed the tested app successfully and the app is now instrumented. Using the Legacy mobile support I tried to start recording a test by selecting the Show mobile screen but there aren't any available devices to select. 

I have tried connecting two different devices but both are not visible in the menu. After trying to follow the "click here if there is no device in the list" wizard, I am not allowed to continue after selecting that I have iTunes installed ( it is installed on the local Windows machine and I am logged in my account). The error states that TestComplete can't find iTunes installed.


Can you please help me with this one? It seems that other users in the community haven't experienced this issue

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        Reply from Julia at SmartBear clarifying the new procedure - Appium server


        (not instrumentalizing - iTunes not required but a separate mac is used - This approach is more resource-intensive but should offer a lot more control a no need to ticker with the app installation)


        Hope this helps




        In this new approach, TestComplete only ensures communication with the Appium API to send commands and receive info about the application structure. The rest is handled by Appium itself using different drivers for different platforms.


        To work with iOS applications, it uses XCUITest which leverages Apple's XCUITest libraries. These libraries are part of Xcode and are only available on macOS. So, to test local iOS devices, you first need to set up Appium on a Mac, connect your device to it, and then simply connect to the Appium server from TestComplete by specifying the correct server URL. You can read more about connecting to a local Appium device in Connect to Device Dialog []. More information on how Appium works can be found on their website: Introduction to Appium [].

        Setting up a local Appium on a Mac is indeed not as straightforward as it is on Windows.

        The instructions in our documentation simply reflect that, so since there's no way to simplify the process from our side, there's, unfortunately, no way to simplify the instructions either.

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      Thanks everyone!


      pvnikolov please let the Community know if the advice helped - for this, just mark the best answer as solved or share your own solution if you came up with something else. Thank you!