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11 years ago

Internet Explorer Full Screen Mode

My overnight regression test project run has started to suffer from a sporadic problem. I wonder if anyone has seen anything similar.

I have a keyword test that is designed to open IE and start my application. I have attached a screenshot of the keyword test.

Whenever I run this myself it works fine, but sometimes during my overnight run it opens IE in full screen mode which stops the rest of my tests running. The log error occurs on the BrowserWindow Maximize command and is...

The window is not of the WS_MAXIMIZEBOX style.

Tested object:



I always take a screenshot when errors occur and this shows that IE  has switched to full screen mode which explains the error message.

My overnight test run is started in a Remote Desktop session by Windows Task Scheduler.

Has anybody else seen random full screen mode appearance in IE 9?

Thanks,  Jim

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  • Thanks.

    I have just switched to using a different box for test running and that doesn't seem to have the full screen problem.

    If it comes back, I will try your suggestion.