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4 years ago

Integrate Testcomplete (Python) Core Framework with Nexus / JFrog Artifactory Repository

Hi All, We are trying to centralising the Testcomplete Framework (Python Code with in-built methods of Testcomplete) outside the Testcomplete Editor in-order to implement "Central Repository" simi...
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    4 years ago



    I am sorry but this will not work either.

    Test Project in TestComplete is the primary and self-containing entity in TestComplete. Everything that is required for test execution must be a part of this given test project.

    Components of test project (script units, keyword tests, ...) can be located in project's subfolders or as external items, but must be explicitly included in the project.

    Project suite is just a container to unite one or more test projects and to make it possible to run more than one project in one go. The only possible data exchange between projects that are part of some project suite is via Suite Variables.