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5 years ago

Instrumenting an APk issue - Instant Run error

Howdy folks, I have a problem with Instrumenting an Android APK... I get the error of unable to instrument the application, possible cause Instant Run etc...



How to I get around this?  This is APK I downloaded from one of the Play Stores etc....  I don't have this problem with any of the other apps I am instrumenting.... but this particular app is generating this message.  Am using Debug selection for certificate when running instrumentation process.

Is it the way they built that APK... is there anything I can do?









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    5 years ago

    Hello Tanya, yes, I have done so - Thanks.


    It "appears" best solution may be for me to reach out to 3rd Party Software App support for the app I have problems with.


     Thanks again.

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    For what i know instant run is probematic, it should be disabled to allow instrumentation of app.


    Do you have access to the dev team of the app and aks them to disable this property on the debug apk you test ?


    On Android studio, to disable the Instant Run setting, open the Settings and navigate to Build, Execution, Deployment > Instant Run. Then clear the Enable Instant Run check box.


    But i'm not expert, perhaps it exists a way to support Instant run app ?

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      Thank you Benoit!


      rpfaucher1 have you tried the suggestions from Benoit? Please let us know if they help.

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        Hi folks thanks for trying to help... the app I am trying to instrument is 3rd party... so not sure yet what can be done.