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6 years ago

Install License Manager (+ floating license) unattendedly


In an attempt of automating every manual thing in our company, we want to be able to install the License Manager and register floating licenses to it from command line in silent mode.



Is that possible? Is it documented anywhere?



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    Any real reason for this?
    License manager installation and feeding it with the floating license key is one-time action that is definitely faster to be done manually.


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      It's only one time that is done, but for each project. There are many different projects in my company in different geographical locations and normally each project has its license manager instance.

      If this is automated, it's not only automated but also self-documented and there is no need to look for any internal or external documentation explaining how it should be installed and how the licenses are applied.

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        How often do you deploy a new License manager?!?!?  You really don't need that many, seriously.  You need one... and all your licenses/seats are fed off that.

        I think the short answer to your question is... no... this is not something that is done or easily automated from a command line, not without some major powershell scripting to fill in prompts and the like.