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15 years ago

Importing Projects/Suites/Tests from the network


I would like to be able to put all the tests I create out on our company shared network, and then have those who need to run the tests import (pull down from the network) into their Test Complete and run the tests.

This way there is one master copy of the tests, and anyone can pull and run whatever tests they want.

Is this possible? If so, how does one do this?

Also would be nice to configure my TC to automatically save in the network location so I don't have to copy from my local dir to the network.

Thanks for your help.

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    I am reading the Help that you suggested I look at.  However this paragraph suggests that this will not be useful:

    When you add a project to source control from TestComplete, the latter saves the local file paths to the project (or project suite) files. If you check out the project (or project suite) using TestComplete on another computer, TestComplete will replace the local paths in the project (project suite) file with the paths relevant to this computer, so when you open the project on your computer again, the project link to source control will be broken and you will have to rebind the project to source control.

    If I am reading this correctly, with many people checking out the project (saved in Source Control) my project will continue to keep breaking and I will have to continually 'rebind' it.  This doesn't sound very 'user friendly'.
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    Hi Mark,

    I suggest you to impose a drive letter and to reference it as the root of all your projects , sources ...

    By example, you can use the dos command "subst" at startup on each computer, each pointing to its own directory


    subst x: "c:\SVN"

    Put the file in C:\Documents and Settings\XXX\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

    Then all you projects take their root from X:\My Project\project.mds


       karim SOUAK.
  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for letting us know about this. It looks like the information you've quoted is obsolete, as this issue is likely to be solved in the latest version of TC - 7.52.