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8 months ago


Hi team,
I have a video play button in a web page and want to verify if he hit that button video is playing or not. Here that play button comes under iframes so i can't able to switch page variable to iframes.

Can any one help me out from this?

Is there any method available to switch from page to iframes like in a selenium

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    Here's example code that highlights left and right pane of which uses iframe.


    function Panes()
        var page =  NameMapping.Sys.Browser("chrome").Page("").Panel("container");
        var left = page.Panel("textareacontainer").Panel("textarea").Panel("textareawrapper").Panel(0).Panel(5).Panel(0).Panel(0).Panel(0).Panel(0).Panel(4);
        var right =  page.Panel("iframecontainer").Panel("iframe").Panel("iframewrapper").Frame("iframeResult").Button("Input Button");