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6 years ago

If ... then else statements

Hi All,   anyone who can help me?   im hoping its simple but im new to smartbear ( and automation testing) so suggestions are much welcomed.   all i am wanting to do is to run either a If...
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    6 years ago

    You can use For Loop to n  times you wanted to click.



    When you're done with adding above dialog create button click action put it in Foor Loop then you are all set.


    You will see a screen like below (Instead Log you will button lick)


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    6 years ago

    To expand on shankar_r's answer... the for loop is what you would do for repeatedly clicking on the button.  Each time through the loop, click the button.  Then use an "if-object" operation to check to see if the popup exists.  If it does, if this was script code, I'd call a "break" in the for-loop.  However, since it is not script code, break is not available so I would set the index of the for-loop to be equal to the upper range so that the loop would exit.