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8 years ago

I have a seperate 10.3 patch version of tcMSAAAppHook.dll. Do I still need it?

You guys created a patch 10.30 patch version of tcMSAAAppHook.dll.  Can I assume this same fix is in the 12.0 we just upgraded to?


I have attached the dll if that helps.




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  • Hi Rob,


    We'll be happy to check with Devs! Can you please share the case number where this patch was created and delivered to you?

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      I have no idea what the case number would be.  I see the properties on the dll say its file version is 10.30.1370.11, I would assume that could be tracked down.  Product version is exactly the same.



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        Hi Rob,


        It's not that easy, but I have managed to find that case where the module was provided. It was sent on 11/6/2014 in case 00062495 (just for your records).


        This was a very special version of the module, and the changes were not included in future releases of TestComplete. To be specific, this module had the "tcUseAltMSAAFree" mode enabled by default without the need to pass that command line parameter to the tested application when starting it. Since you could not change your tests to use this additional parameter, Devs agreed to create that custom patch for you. That is, the patch did not fix anything, it just enabled that mode by default. However, this was a custom change and this mode cannot be used by default for all tested applications.


        Now, when using TestComplete 12, can you pass this additional command line parameter (/tcUseAltMSAAFree) to the tested application when starting it from your tests?