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2 months ago

How to verify data from another application, the data which keeps changing

In my application is based on stocks there are some market data related fields in which the data keeps on changing, like in the following the Last price right now is 186.28 but may change anytime.

 To verify this we need to look into another window (Its not part of my application) to verify the price if its correct we look there as can be seen below the price P.Close is the Last price in my application

How can I verify these values through testcomplete?

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    This object,

    doesn't seem to relate to anything that is shown in,

    When you use the Object Spy on the above screenshot, is the entire window highlighted, or the individual objects such as 'Symbol', 'Bid' etc highlighted?

    What is shown, looks like a text object. If it is a text object, then you have to select the appropriate property that has the information shown in the above screenshot, and then search the property value for e.g. 'P.Close'

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    It shows so many things which I think will be not easy to share, is there specifically anything we should be looking for?

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    Sorry for late reply, Object spy is taking the price as an object.
    This are the properties:

    The are the method: