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3 months ago

How to validate current date in a table cell

I am trying to verify that a cell in a data table is the current date. It will always be the date of the test run but the object maps like this:


I am aware of using code snippets like aqDateTime.AddTime(aqDateTime.Today(), 0, 0, 0, 0) but how can I use this for the object recognition?

Is there a way to set the name mapping for that object to be current date?


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    Short answer:
    I would use a code like this:

    var strXPath = aqString.Format("//td[.=%s]", aqString.Quote(aqConvert.DateTimeToFormatStr(aqDateTime.Today(), "%m/%d/%Y")));

    var anElement = <page>.FindElement(strXPath);

    if (anElement)

      // found


      // not found


    Long answer:

    XPath provided on your screenshot basically says this: "look on the page for any table cell that contains current date".

    This is fine if the tested web page can contain not more that only one such cell.

    If more than one cell with current date can exist on the page then you must first get parent container that can contain not more than one such cell (this may be table, table row, table column, etc.) and search from this parent. In this case (if I remember XPath syntax correctly) you must use not a double slash at the start of XPath expression (//), but dot and slash (./).


    var strXPath = aqString.Format("./td[.=%s]", aqString.Quote(aqConvert.DateTimeToFormatStr(aqDateTime.Today(), "%m/%d/%Y")));

    var aContainer = <page>.<parentContainer>;

    var anElement = aContainer.FindElement(strXPath);

    if (anElement)

      // found


      // not found


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    Use the Find method instead of name mapping, in this instance. Create your date string, concatenate this with your XPath query and pass it into the Find method. This will retrieve the object.