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2 years ago

How to use the Java script to get tooltip text

The popup tooltip object is disappear when using the spy object. Is there a possibility to get the popup tooltip object to check its text message by using Java script?

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    For example, in Chrome, use the DevTools and look at the HTML coding for the tooltip, you might see the attributes change. You can then change this value, to make the tooltip permanently visible.


    Or, use the Object Browser to see if tooltip child item is shown.



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    Yes, it is possible to get the tooltip text using JavaScript. You can use the title attribute of the element to get the text content of the tooltip. Here's an example code snippet that demonstrates this:



    // Get the element that has the tooltip
    var elementWithTooltip = document.getElementById('element-id');
    // Get the text content of the tooltip
    var tooltipText = elementWithTooltip.getAttribute('title');
    // Display the tooltip text in the console



    Note that this code assumes that the tooltip text is stored in the title attribute of the element. If the tooltip is implemented using some other technique, the code may need to be modified accordingly.

    Regarding the issue with the tooltip disappearing when using the spy object, it's difficult to provide a solution without more information about the context and implementation details. However, one possible solution is to use JavaScript's setTimeout function to delay the execution of the spy object and give the tooltip enough time to appear. Here's an example:



    setTimeout(function() {
      // Code to execute the spy object here
    }, 1000); // Delay for 1 second (1000 milliseconds)



    Again, the specific delay time may need to be adjusted based on the implementation details of the tooltip.

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