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8 years ago

How to test RWD application using Test complete?

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    There are no prizes for using the fewest words possible to ask your question.  ;)   The more information you give us, the easier it will be to help you.




    Are you looking for setup instructions or training or have you already started a test?

    What have you tried?

    What happened when you did that?

    What did you expect to happen instead?





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      We were using test complete to test our web application before .We changed our application to RWD(Responsive Web design) site.

      When i tried using the same script i was getting error on Sys.Browser().Page("*") as a result i was not able to find element on the page.

      That time i realize it might happened because of RWD change and may be it will need any new add in to test RWD sites.

      Please advice.

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        Responsive web design is just a technology that tries to determine what client requests for data (desktop or mobile client, from Windows or Android or Win Mobile or iOS platform, etc.) and return the most appropriate content. The client (browser) receives the same HTML regardless of what technology is used on the web server. As TestComplete works with the client only, no additional plug-in is required.

        I would recommend a nice blog by Falafel, SmartBear's partner and also their 'Testing Mobile Applications In TestComplete' e-book (testing-mobile-applications-in-testComplete.pdf) that should be available on their site as well.