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10 months ago

How to suppress crash messages from unrelated and untested applications

On all of our Windows 11 machines we are now randomly seeing errors in our logs that msteamsupdate.exe process crashed.  This seems to be a Windows 11 bug that at some point will likely be fixed on their end, but I I am looking for a solution to until that point.


It is unclear to me why this is being logged given it is not an application that is being tested. I have tried changing the Process Filter settings in the Project properties to Use Only Tested Applications and also tried Ignore Selected and specified the teams update process to be ignored. Neither of these options work.


Event handlers do not work in this case since the documented bug(in my opinion) that these don't handle process crashed messages(


Any suggestions on how to stop logging errors for random unrelated OS processes crashing.

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    If an application is trying to write data in a memory block that is being consumed by another application, or if memory is leaking over to that memory block, it will cause a crash of some sort and will most likely be picked up by the application using that memory block. It won't be possible to suppress that crash. The only option is to disable that application that is causing the issue.