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8 months ago

How to set a variable in TestComplete to ProjectSuite

How do I set a variable in TestComplete to ProjectSuite for a data loop need?



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    Is your question relating to the topic, "How to set a variable in TestComplete to ProjectSuite"?


    What version of TC are you using? What method or action are you using to select the item? What's the error message? Are you using Python as the programming language?

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      Sorry I will make new content entry
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      Hi Alex,

      That’s a dead link so no.

      What is happening is the loop will write one row of data from the
      spreadsheet to my web form but the loop won’t go to row 2 thru 25
      automatically at end like it won’t go back to top of web form and write row
      2 data into form. Also items on form are not executing completely such as
      a date field or a drop down unless I click the field. Another words I am
      pushing the script the loop along to completion.


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        todd2 :

        Link contains extra comma at end added when composing the answer... rraghvani posted correct link without comma.

        It is my guess that you are using Excel worksheets. If my guess is correct, sometimes, driver fails to correctly evaluate data section on the sheet. But it is hard to guess something without seeing actual data sheet and how DDT is configured in TestComplete.


  • Alex and rraghvani,


    • Do you know of a place where I can go to get Instructor Led Training on advanced topics around TestComplete?  I am seeing the TestComplete engine not select items on the page when it should and I need maybe Python help to enter Python where point and click or click and record can not suffice.  Would GlobalKnowledge have a class?  There has to be someone, somewhere.

    Thank you.