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11 years ago

How to select each tab without knowing the url or tab title?

I have an IE browser opened which have 5 tabs.  The current selected tab is the last one (tab 5).  I want to jump to tab 2 without knowing the url.
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    11 years ago
    I would never want to suggest Tanya wasn't right - she's way smarter with TC than me -  but I think a slight tweak to her code is required... I think her code in its current state is trying to click an entire array of tabs in a single click - while what you are looking to do is click the "nth" tab. With that in mind, blatantly stealing Tanya's code(!), and remembering arrays start at the 0th element:

    function ClickTabByNo(TabIndex) // Specify Tab Index as 1-5 "human form"




      var tabPanel = Sys.Browser("iexplore").BrowserWindow(0).CommandBar.TabBand;


      var tabs = tabPanel.FindAll("ObjectType","TabButton");


      tabs = (new VBArray(tabs)).toArray();


      tabs[TabIndex - 1].Click();