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3 years ago

How to run Adobe Acrobat Reader DC application using commands.

Hi team, 

How to run the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC application using Shell/PowerShell/ cmd .

Can anyone Please guide me to get run the adobe using commands  (OR) any other similar way to run the application.

We are using Acrobat application which is downloaded from internet - which will be the latest version.




Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Shiva_Kumar ,


    I am not sure if this is something related to TestComplete, if yes, may I request you to elaborate the use case with TestComplete please. I see some methods covered in the adobe website in case you can visit & refer to it in case if it an independent question from the Acrobat usage perspective.



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      Thank you Ramesh!


      Hi Shiva_Kumar, could you add more details to your question so that we can understand how it is related to TestComplete and just in general the Community will be able to give you more in-depth advice if we understand the use case better. thanks.