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7 years ago

How to run a test in Test Execute

My apologies for a ridiculously basic question...


I just purchased Test Execute and I am trying to run a test that I have built.


1. Installed TestExecute on test pc
2. Copied a folder with the full project from my dev machine to the test pc
3. Started TE - I see it in Task Manager but no UI

4. Clicked the pjs file in the copied folder ==>> nothing happens


Do I need to install TC on the test pc?

  • TC is not required on the machine running TE.  


    There are two ways of running tests via TE without using external tools like Jenkins or QAComplete.


    1) Run from systray...  since you have TE already running, right click on the icon in the systray.  You'll get a context menu with an option at the top that says, "Open".  Click on Open which will give a file dialog to find the project (MDS) or project suite (PJS) that you want to run.  Once it's selected, right click on the systray icon again and select the "Run" option.  If you selected a project suite that has more than one project in it, you'll be prompted also to select either to run the whole suite or just the individual project.  See


    2) Run from commandline...

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