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4 years ago

How to resolve Access to Remote License Managers configuration for constantly changing ip address?

I have Test Execute installed on Windows server and in config for Access to Remote License Managers , I have included 2 Search Parameters computer name and ip address.

But for some reason, if I just have computer name in there, it does not find License Manager PC and I get error - The License Manager PC that was used last time is not available and no other accessible License Manager PC was found in your network.

If I add ip address, it does find License Manager PC but I would like it to work with computer name as ip address changes constantly on my local and updating it on regular basis is a pain.

Can anyone help me to find a solution to this problem?


  • Let me post the possible solutions here, this can be helpful for the Community going forward:



    I believe the reason the IP address works and the name doesn't, is that the license service uses a different search method depending on what is entered into the field.  The license service is a third party software, so we are a bit limited in what we can change in it.  First let's make sure that the setting "Aggressive Search for Remote Licenses" is enabled on the page: http://localhost:1947/_int_/config_to.html.  If that doesn't help, then it's possible that UDP communication is being blocked.  Please check your security and make sure that UDP communication over port 1947 is being allowed.


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    I'm a little concerned that he IP address for your License Manager server is not static.  I THINK recommended best practice is for it to have a reserved IP address so that this does not happen.  Have you talked with your IT staff about making such a reservation?

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      Thank you tristaanogre for this suggestion.


      Here's what I've found in the help article on Specifying License Manager for Connection:


      We recommend using computer names where possible. This way you will not have to change the settings if you use dynamic IP addresses in your network.


      So it looks like having a PC name specified should be enough. Shehnaz Did you manage to solve this one?

      If what tristaanogre is suggesting (getting a reserved IP address) is not going to work for you, I think raising a support ticket might be a good idea.



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        Thank you tristaanogre and Sonya for the suggestions.


        I will raise a support ticket to address this issue.