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4 years ago

How To remove underscores + increment after copying testelements



When copying a bunch of testitems in the Execution plan, TC will add underscores with a increment number to it.

- Is there a way to prevent this, OR

- Is there an easy way to do a find&replace in the Execution plan environment?


See attached pic


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    I do not think this is possible.

    What are your expectations as for the test item's name after it was copied and pasted? Leave it the same? Wouldn't it complicate to distinguish later in the log what test item was executed?


    You may try to examine the content of the project file (the one with the .mds extension) and try to do search and replace there, but this will be on your own risk as the structure of the project file is not documented and is subject of change with the new version of TestComplete.


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      Hi Alex, 


      Since the item-name are just labels...and can be renamed manually, I don't see a reason for adding the underscores when copy/pasting them.


      For instance, a folder containing a bunch of keyword tests, represents a certain testscenario. 

      Now, when I would like to copy this scenario as a basis for a 2nd, 3rd...etc scenario, you have all these underscores and increments, while it would be enough (in my case) to just keep everything the same and afterwards manually rename the folder to 'scenario 2'


      I find it really annoying, even more because there's no find and replace possibility within the execution plan area.


      ....But it looks like editing the mds files is an option.

      Thanks for the suggestion.