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4 years ago

How to refresh child objects during test run (in desktop testing)?

There is a desktop window, which has more tabs, and some tabs include a text editor. I wrote a test which checks the functions of the text editor in the following way: lprops := ['FullName','WndClas...
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    4 years ago



    Are tabs that are not active and their controls disposed of or continue to exist?

    If they continue to exist then nothing in your code prevents TestComplete from finding a control on the inactive tab.

    Possible solution:

    a) Change object addressing to search not from application, but from the tab root. E.g. 

    ltarget := Aliases.(Application Name).tab1.Find(lprops,lvals,20,true);

    b) Add some other criterion (e.g. VisibleOnScreen) to the search conditions to prevent TestComplete from matching invisible controls.


    Does this help?