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5 years ago

How to reach the expected object to map in a combox

Hello all,


I have an issue to map an object inside a combo box.

Steps followed :

- On TC, click on map object icon and select Point and fix option

- On my app, open the combo box, point object to map and press shift + ctrl + A

- Check object map : I map the border of my object not the object itself. I tried some many times and I also got the same result, I'm not successed to catch only the object, without the border.

Full path of the object expected for :[...].WPFObject("ToggleButton", "", 1)

Full path of the object mapped : WPFObject("ToggleButton", "", 2).WPFObject("ButtonBorder")


Is it possible to "delete" this part ".WPFObject("ButtonBorder")" from the full path ?


NB: usually I used the tree for "Object Browser" but because it's a combo box it's not possible (the combo box closed itself and I click somewhere else)



Thank you



  • Hi,


    nothing allow me to delete it.

    Hm-m... Yes, it looks like it is not possible to modify the value of the Object field indeed. Strange and I would report this to Support.

    Nevertheless, I was able to map the object as suggested by TestComplete and then, in the NameMapping editor, delete the last mapped object from the NameMapping tree.


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    Hi Alicia,


    If I got your question right, then you may switch to the NameMapping editor, delete WPFObject("ButtonBorder") object that is not necessary and edit identification properties for the WPFObject("ToggleButton", "", 2) one to change its index from recorded '2' to required/expected '1'.


    Does this help?