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3 years ago

How to move scripts from one project to other project without changing execution plan

I have many projects under a single project suite. I want to more scripts from one project to other project within project suite. And then add a reference script to original project. I know these steps, but it is screwing the execution plan. The execution plan is changed and it shows n/a at the places where the function of script which is moved are called. Although I have already added the reference of the script.
Is there any way, in which I can move scripts from one project to other project within project suite without causing/ doing changes on execution plan of that project whose scripts is being moved

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      Hello sonya_m 
      I have already created a ticket last week. They ask me for a recording showing the steps I am performing. According to support team, it is expected behaviour of those steps to have n/a at place of test item in execution plan. I have asked them about any method or different steps to avoid it, because I have to move all scripts, that means I have to recreate whole execution plan and it consists of thousands of test items.