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5 years ago

How to make Test Complete understand that it needs to work on a browser within a browser?

Please help me to understand why test complete is not able to insert values in the window that is in last screenshot.

  • Okay, then run your test to where it stops at the third screen.  Then, use the Record feature and click back on the first browser manually.  TestComplete will record the step you need to get back.   Add that to your test.

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    Can you be a little more specific. What do you mean by can't insert values and browser within a browser?

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      Can you please open the document that I attached? I was able to figure it out how to insert the values. 

      But  now I need to navigate between those three screens to move further in my test 

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        cunderw is right.  Your text and the document don't explain your problem well.  


        If we start with the first screenshot, you're saying you want to click the link shown there and it should go to the next one, is that correct?  What happens when you try?