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6 years ago

How to keep the default docking in Test complete. Every time I open Test Complete i need to set up

How can I keep the default docking within Test Complete? 

Whenever Test Complete is opened I have to go through teh default docking set up.

  • So... where's the "before" and "after"?  I see one screenshot showing a TC docking state but it's not clear if this is the state before TC is shut down or after it is restarted?

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    What version of TestComplete are you using?  Mine doesn't change unless I've done something bad to it.  :)

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        Just to check that I am getting you right:

        -- You started TestComplete;

        -- You changed something in how its panels are docked;

        -- You closed TestComplete and it closed without any error;

        -- You started TestComplete again and its panels are not docked exactly as they were when TestComplete was closed.


        Is the above sequence correct? Are you restarting TestComplete as the same user every time? Do you use any registry-virtualization software?

        If the above sequence is correct, then what has changed in how panels are docked?

        Can you provide screenshots of how panels were docked before TestComplete was closed and how panels are docked when TestComplete is restarted?