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7 years ago

How to interract with a QTableView



I'm currently working with a Qt application, and I need to be able to interract with an array generated by QTableView.

I need to be able to get data from a specific cell (By specifing it's row and column for example), and performing a click in it.


I've tried to map the QTableView into "Qt Controls" -> "Table widget", and I get more tabs into the object properties. (wColumn, wColumnCount, wRow, wRowCount, wValue).


wColumnCount and wRowCount return the correct number of row and column, but when I try to gather data with wColumn, wRow or wValue, I get and error. (121 0x80010105), attached in this message.



At this point, I dont know how to solve this problem, and that's why I'm requesting your help.



Thanking you in advance

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    This error means, TestComplete not able to access the methods/properties for that custom object. Post some screenshots of your object mapping and additional information.

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      I've simply mapped the item to Qt Controls -> Table widget, but i don't think that how you do it for QTableView.


      I don't know what information you need, but here is what the object look like under the object browser, after mapping it.


      Thanks you again.