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13 years ago

How to Identify Objects built on Spacial Technology

Hi All,

        I am working on a Application which is built on Spacial Techonlogy(Painted Objects). I want to spy the objects and Identify whether it is possible to Automate Application.


Test Complete is not able to Find the Objects. It throws me an error saying "Object is in Invisble mode so cannot perform Click Action"

The Window as a whole is getting identified(not Object level) and the cannot spy objects inside the Window,  Item Count,  Child Count properties are not supported.

Can anyone tell me whether Test Complete can handle objects built on Spacial Technology(Painted Objects).

Please find the Scrshot which is attached.



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    As far as I know, we have not tested TestComplete with Spatial objects, so I think, it does not support these objects.

    In your screenshot, I see that TestComplete can recognize some of the objects, for instance, it draws a red rectangle around your grid control.

    It recognizes the grid as an on-screen object, that is, it offers methods and properties for simulating mouse clicks and keystrokes on this control, but you cannot use specific methods and properties to get cell values or simulate a click on individual cells.

    I guess, TestComplete recognizes other controls of your application similarly (I mean the text boxes on the left of the grid). That is, you cannot use specific methods and properties for that controls, but you can use the Click and Keys methods to create some basic tests.

    I don't know the development tool your application was created with, but perhaps, you can make your application "Open" for TestComplete so that it gets access to native methods and properties, and you can use them in your tests.

    Another possible alternative to work with your application is to use low-level procedures. I don't know whether it's a suitable solution in your case, but maybe you'll find it useful.