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2 years ago

How to handle Dynamic Property Checkpoints


My tests are failed during Property Checkpoint verification because some part of data content dynamic ids, for example: 

Object panel: panel JSON preview:

property: contentText

Condition: contains the substring(case-insensative)

Actual Result: 


"ActionParameters": [ { "Id": "1313309a-69a7-4bd1-9166-f59b6f5b8f06" }]


Expected Result: 

"ActionParameters": [ { "Id": "2453309a-69a7-3bd1-8166-f59a4f5b8j16" }]


As u can see there are dynamic IDs, so every run they will change. Is there a way to handle this ?

How to use Property Checkpoint in such cases.

I've tried to use "*" instead of id, then just this " ", then this * ; doesn't help and its always failed.