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9 years ago

How to handle descriptive programming in Test complete compare to QTP

Hi ,

       How to handle descriptive programming in test complete, In Qtp without objects are stored in the repository, we developing the script where as Test complete reqired objects. below I added Example

if any other alternative solution could you please tell me.




Set testObj=sys.process.webbutton(example here i specifyed button object from Name mapping) /* this statement not required in QTP when write descriptive program drictlly specify the object property value in script*/
VarA=array("Class","Text")...chooses the class and text property of the button.
Varb=array("WebButton","Click Here")

we need to find the object for which we are searching

Set obj=testObj.Find(VarA,VarB,10)
If obj.Exists then
End if



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GA naidu