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3 years ago

How to get TestComplete to work with Docusign?

Hello, I have an application where I am generating a contract... this contract will use DocuSign.... currently the TC SPY does not seem to recognize anything but the complete docusign contract... by that I mean when I invoke SPY and bring it to the document.... the entire document gets a red outline... any ideas what I can do to work on a docusign document?  I will want to generate an electronic signature and initial a few areas.


                Thanks for any and all assistance.


                                             Ron F.


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    I would consider not automating the testing of Docusign part since it's a known entity. You only need to prove that your connection to Docusign works and then you're done. That's easy enough to do manually. If you need to use the document later on in the test, perhaps in an email, use your manual copy, make it available to TestComplete, and proceed from there.