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10 years ago

How to get linenumbers in Keyword testing?

I work with Keyword testing,

in the editor, I want to display the linenumbers (for editing purposes).

How can this be done?

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    Hi Mathijs,


    Right now, it's impossible. We have the corresponding suggestion in our DB. Your vote has already been counted there - you contacted the Support team some time ago (the case ID is M0122658).


    Currently, the only way is to specify the line numbers manually in the Description column.


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    Yes please do this. As someone used to working with VS and other editors (or even just excel), it seems glaringly absent.
    While there is logging that will help you get to certain areas of test failure, having line numbers is very helpful for teasing out more complex issues.
    Hopefully this would be easy to implement and roll into an update.   :-)