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12 years ago

How to format jscript code in Test Complete IDE

I have my Test complete 8.20 project in JScript. As project is growing so the test files and the code.

Unlike other IDE's, Visual Studio or Eclipse there is no code formatting option in Test Complete IDE.

Is there any extension or easy way to format my code. Right now only way I can think of is to copy code to other formatter and then paste it back to Test Complete.

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  • I know this is an old post... but for those that come along later I would recommend using It will automatically format your code and there are options you can tweak to change indent levels, spaces, etc. It's not as easy as having it in the editor but copy/paste, CTRL+ENTER, copy/paste is not too bad... I use it all the time.
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      One year later :smileyhappy:

      Are there any plans to include code formatting in the future/is there a plugin available?



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        this feature will be great, please include code formatting to your IDE.


        br Andreas

  • Hi Aniket,

    Currently, there's no such built-in feature in TestComplete. I have registered your request in our DB as a suggestion. Thanks!
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    It is difficult do the manual indentation. Is there any plan to add this in near future releases? Thanks
  • Hi Aniket,

    The feature hasn't been implemented yet, and I cannot share any information regarding whether or when it will.