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2 years ago

How to display ERRORLEVEL value in test execute run



I'm running tests with Test Execute and use echo to display any info. on the console.

I have some conditions for ERRORLEVEL in bat files. But, I am not able to display ERRORLEVEL value using echo ERRORLEVEL, this is to check the value and apply a required action if that error happens.


Example code:


TestExecute.exe "C:\Work\SmartBear\TestExecute\Projects\My\MySuite.pjs" /r /p:MyProj


if ERRORLEVEL 4 (goto Block1)
if ERRORLEVEL 3 (goto Block2)


I know the codes provided by Smart Bear website, but there's something missing in the code, my test run stops so that means the ERRORLEVEL is not 3 or 4. Please note that I have disabled/unchecked 'Show Notification when exception occurs' option in Test Complete properties thinking I wouldn't need to manually press OK on exception dialog while test execute is running.



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      Hi rraghvani 

      I have a similar code, but I need to display the value of ERRORLEVEL that test execute gives when the error occurs.

      In the code you have shared, the condition compares the errorlevel to a value we give. What if I want to echo the errorlevel value itself such as 1001, 1000 etc. Or am I missing something in understanding?