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8 years ago

How to compare the excel value displayed in different formats

Hi All,   I have attached an excel report. I need to compare the data from Sheet1 with Sheet2 and provide the mismatch details.   For E,g.,   Compare the data's from column Compound ID, Compoun...
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    8 years ago

    Hi Colin,


    For this post or problem statement "How to compare the excel value displayed in different formats", I have come up with a logic to find the comparison.


    Initially I thought its going to be difficult, but later on I found a pattern to compare the values and write the mismatches to the different excel file.


    Regarding the post "How to compare the cell value in excel file?", its about comparing the cell value having normal string and superscript and subscript text. Even for this post, I have come up with a workaround to compare by finding the unicode characters.


    Thanks for the suggestions.



    Karthik K R