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6 days ago

How to close instance of application

My application is close but when I run my test ,it says -There are 2/3 running instance of application .New instance will not be launch and it failed the step .

I kill app through task manager also but still it shows the same thing .How to handle it and apply in keyword testing .

Here how I apply -If application window does not exist then it should launch the application -

But it did not open application and says -

Lemme know how to handle it.

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    Without knowing what your application is, whether it's a desktop app, windows service, how it's launched etc it's difficult to answer.

    If the process is reappearing in Task Manager, then it's most likely a windows process. 

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        ...and how is the application launched?

        It helps if you can provide more information, so that we can help you!

  • Check i have attached screenshot .

    We have option Run tested app and the application name,through this I am launching the app