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4 years ago

How to check the state of the checkbox?

In my test script there is a screen from which I have to check that either the checkbox is being checked or unchecked . If the checkbox state is checked then it should display the message that state is enabled otherwise checkbox have to be select through test script


See attached image for reference

  • Sorry but this is not clear for me.


    You want to examine the value of a checkbox

    And if the value is checked (true) then allow user to change the value.


    That's what you need ?


    To ask user to set a value you can use (quick and dirty code) :

    let checkboxValue = myWebObject.checked;
    if (checkboxValue) {
      let result = MessageDlg("Choose value of the checkbox by hitting the Yes for true or No for False", mtConfirmation, MkSet(mbYes, mbNo), 0);
      myWebObject.checked = result == mrYes;




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    Examine this web element in the Object Browser and figure-out what property indicates the state.

    This is because web page developers can use different web elements and techniques to output something that is rendered as a check-box.


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      Thanks Alex!



      Hi Amna ! Does this advice help?

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        Actually what I want that if the checkboxes already checked then we can display the message the its already checked you can modify your selection something like that