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3 years ago

How to automate Sorting Functionality in Web App with Java Script

How to automate Sorting Functionality in Web App with Java Script?

Please refer screenshot to share the script related to sorting.


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  • Hello dikshika114 - 


    Im not sure what you are looking to accomplish here - you would like to click the arrow to sort the data?



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      Hi ebarbera . Yeah i want to check the data is sorted or not , when we click on the arrow.


      1. Click on Arrow which can be Ascending or Descending.

      2. On the basis of clicked arrow, we will get all the data in array from all the rows. (Actual)

      3. We will sort (Ascending or Descending) the data and put it into the other array. (Expected)

      4. Then we will compare the Actual and Expected output in the rows. If it will match, then we will pass the

      test case like it's sorted in Asc or Dsc. Otherwise the test case will fail.


      Can you please provide the script for that part. I am using JavaScript for my project

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        Hi dikshika114 - 


        It is not really possible to provide a script without having access to the application. Are you recording into scripts or just writing them?


        Also, at which point in the numbered steps are you getting stuck?