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2 years ago

how to add condition on execution plan if some keyword test failed

Hi all,


we have one execution plan contains many new Group , under each Group , we have several keyword test , I want to how to config if some keyword test failed, we can do some add test condition on execution plan level .


for example :


      keyword test 1

       keyword test 2

if keyword test 1 failed, I want to add some test step to close some progress but not impact keyword test 2 run




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    I might have an idea,

    At the start of KWT1 set a projectvariable to "Not complete", then when test is done at the end set it to "Complete"


    In KWT2 use an 'if then' to check if the variable = "Complete"


    If it's for only 1 or 2 tests this should work, if you want this for more tests then this might not be the fix for you


    EDIT: or check if a condition is met in KWT2 that was set in KWT1