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9 years ago

How to add a testitem as task under Networksuite

I want to run a bunch of test groups (under same project) in parallel on VM. To do so I need to create a task under Networksuite with testitem. But testComplete only allows a keyword test, script routine or Project name. There is no way to add a individual testitem or testgroup to be added.


Am I missing anything? If not then, is there a workaround to my problem?


can someone please help me with this.

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    9 years ago

    added a request for feature: Allowing testitems to be added as a test for a task under Networksuite.


    I found a workaround though. Its crude but works in my case:


    1) update the project.mds file directly to enable/disable testitems.

    2) Set Networksuite's delpoy mode to automatic


    My script updates enables the testitem i want to run under the project file and then master copies the files to slave during task execution.

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