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9 months ago

How can I access an element that appears on a popup chrome window with TestComplete keyword tests?

I am testing a web site on chrome where I start of on the home screen and when I click on the "Add New" button, the creation screen opens as a new chrome window. TestComplete can access all of the elements on the second screen that opens, but when I play back the keyword test it seems like TestComplete is looking for the elements on the original window and not the new popup window that was opened up.

How can I make the TestComplete keyword test recognize that it should be looking for elements on the new popup window? I have submitted images of both the original screen and the popup screen, some items are blocked out for privacy.

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    You can try clicking in that popup window before you access the elements in it. That will change the focus. You may also need to click back to the main browser when you are finished in the popup.

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    See Name Mapping. The property used to identify the window is most likely generic. You need a name mapping with appropriate properties that uniquely identifies the window.