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14 years ago

Hidden Panel Interaction

I have two windows on screen App
1 and App2.

I have written a script which
works perfectly for App2 when App2 is the only open window.

I now open App1 which
automatically sets it’s self to be the top most window, effectively hiding


My problem is that App2 button
clicks no longer work, is this because the mouse although clicking is clicking
on only to topmost window or in this case App1?


Is there any way that I can have
App1 in the foreground with testexecute running code against (and selecting
buttons etc) App2 ?

My Code.....



      Aliases.Sys.WaitAliasChild "Update_Service", 5000

      Set panel = Aliases.Sys.Update_Service.frame0.RootPane.null_layeredPane.Panel.Apanel

      Set panel2 = panel.Panel.Panel



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  • Hello John,

    More detailed information would be great:

    1. Does the App1 window open as a modal one? Or does App1 just overlap App2, so you can manually click buttons in App2?

    2. Is the App2 window still visible on the screen when App1 opens?

    3. What happens when your script tries to click a button in the App2 window? If an error occurs, post its text here.

    A couple of screen shots would probably help me understand the situation better.