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9 years ago

Hi! I don`t want to map Objects by names, I want to map objecty by Id`s. How can I do this?

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    When you are mapping an object:

    First prompt select "Choose a name and properties manually"

    You may also be asked if you want to map parents too if so click yes.

    At that point you are presented with a window

    Find the property you want it to find that object by and make sure it is in the Left.

    If there is anything in the Left that you don't want to find it by make sure to move it to the right.

    Also you can rename your object at the top if you want to as well.


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      Instead for moving object from one site to another side, you can define your own Templates for the object  mapping.


      you can create template by using "Add Template" in name mapping.


      Here you can define a different type of templates based on object category like - Button, Links, Textbox, radiobuttons etc....


      In your Template you can specify whatewer property you want.


      Refer snap .......