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3 years ago

Help with Data Loop for Keyword testing using Excel as .csv file type

I'm fairly new to TestComplete so please excuse my lack of knowledge in this area.


I have a Keyword test that I have created that I now what to setup to loop through an Excel document (saved as a .csv file). The Excel document has the first row with the label for each column. I'm wanting it to read row 1 and run the test then come back and continue to row 2, etc. I'm unable to get it to even locate the file.


I have gone through all training documents SmartBear provides but the screens have changed and do not match the screens of the version I have (TC Version 14). I really could use some assistance understanding what each screen of the data loop wizard is looking for.

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      I need help with all of the process. From the first page of the Data Loop
      wizard to the end of setting it up. It's requesting a Variable but does not
      like what I put into it. I then get to the File Name screen and it does not
      locate the file. I'm not sure how this is even supposed to work but nothing
      seems to be working for me.

      *Donna Burns*
      QA Analyst



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        Screenshots are a big help.  Show us what you are putting in for the variable that TC doesn't like.

  • Hi ShaneWish - 


    I dont believe the screens for datadriven loops have changed in those versions. Could you provide an image of where you are getting stuck?


    I can try to assist.