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4 years ago

Help needed in parametrizing lists inside dropdowns

Can someone provide details on how to add parameters to populate an item from a dropdown list? I didn't find any community support threads so my apologies if this has already been mentioned. I have some drop downs that show all list items and some that have too many items so you must type all or part of the name to get it to populate in the list results. I need a solution for both! This will be extremely useful to data drive my test cases. Thank you!!!

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      Hey Emma!

      Thanks for the reply. I finally got back to this and am still having some issues. Below are a few screenshots showing the Reponsibility variable I setup and am trying to use in a drop down selection. Any ideas why I'm getting the error? I've tried this with and without the " ' " surrounding the %ReportNameVar%. Appreciate the help!







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        Hi bing098911 - 


        I believe for this to work they have to be project level variables - so try adding those at the project level instead of in the test case. 


        See if that helps!