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3 years ago

Handling print dialog box using Testcomplete

Hello Everyone,

I have a testcase where I am asked to print a particular data, for which I clicked on print icon and print dialog box appears.

However, I am unable to access the print window and do any actions on this page.

Error message : "cannot highlight this object in the object tree" and object browser does not show any active elements.


It would be great if someone could share some ideas on handling this testcase.


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    What version of TestComplete are you using and what browser(s)?

  • Bronson 


    For this issue I would suggest making use of our "Optical Character Recognition" since you are unable to access the print dialog box. 


    Another approach would be to send keyboard commands to the print dialog window. 


    Let me know if you have further questions. 





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      Thank you Marsha and Emma!


      Bronson please mark the best reply as a solution to help community members in the future!