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6 years ago

GUI Test running in a loop how to break the loop for a specific case not matching criteria

Hi Folks,


I am new to testing. Am running a sample GUI testcase with a login screen in which i am running a dataloop of 50 userids and passwords.


I am not using any coding for this purpose. I recorded a testcase with correct login id and password and logging into the system and then logging out to end the case.


For some userids, the passwords are set wrong deliberately. My requirement is to break the dataloop and go the next userid as soon as the incorrect password is entered and login button is pressed.


What is happening currently is that once the incorrect password is entered and login button is pressed, the testcase waits for couple of minutes before marking the case as failed and then proceeds to the next item in the data loop. I want to match the error message displayed on the screen and skip the wait time and break the loop and proceed to the next id. Is it possible to do this without coding?


Much appreciated, if someone can guide me.

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    These cases It is better to use scripting instead of Keyword test.


    Why is waiting? It is waiting for logout to display as recorded to do it.


    How you are doing data loop, Share some screenshots to help you better